Choices Which Cure

There are a number of choices which are necessary if you want a full reversal of cancer. As you can imagine if it has taken many years to get sick it will also take some time and dedication to reverse it. The choice is always there to do this or to wait for the medicos to invent a pill which cures it all without killing the patient and of course allowing you to continue eating MacDonalds while the cure is working.

So the information detailed in the page on cells creates the next series of choices. Ph adjustment comes from vegetable juices basically. because when you have cancer you also need to cut the sugars if it is advanced enough to get serious about your choices. you also have the choice of whether to continue the medical treatment as well and if you do continue how to reduce the pain and suffering with beneficial nutrients.

The Ph adjustment program as you can see from Josie’s video is mostly done with vegetable juice first and of course removing from your diet any food or drink which is not actually beneficial. You only need to do this for a few months incidentally. You can feel cancer! You know it is there. So when it goes you will know that as well.

Incidentally you never get totally rid of cancer as it is just your own body cells misbehaving. You can get rid of the ones you know are there and then just attack them whenever you need to or you can continue the program and get healthy. Then there are literally hundreds of benefial substances and some of them are really pleasant and some are a little bland or difficult to enjoy. There are some which will suit your metabolism and some which will suit others better.

Here there are stacks of choices and of course we will pass that information freely to you. Not all our information is on this site but you can follow our references to others. There is one final choice then once you have all the best available information. We have a membership facility on each of the websites. We do suggest that you join the free one just to get to know us. Once you do then you are welcome to join the mentoring membership which is set up for anyone participating in the program. More detailed information and mentoring by trained staff just gives you some guidance when you need to make a choice. We do not indulge in hard sell or bonus incitement programs. You join only if and when you want to. If you join one website as a member you will have access to others which have additional information on the same ailments.

Ok lets hit on some beneficial substances. Take some action! I have found one of the most widespread weeds is Mimosa Pudica and then there is that fruit which most cannot make their mind up about whether they like or not. That is papaya or Paw Paw. Then there is graviola. So it is known a tea made from papaya leaves and cuttings from the Mimosa makes a fine cancer cell killer although it is basically just a blood cleanser.
So mixing in a little Graviola or soursop as a fruit or dried as a component in your tea is a positive start.

Now everyone is different fortunately in some ways but complicated in others. Here is a story from a 90 year old which gives an understanding of hope and faith to those who have been diagnosed. (but make sure you read the notes at the end)
My name is Allen Niblett; I’m near on 90 years of age. Earlier this year I got the shock of my bloody life when my GP told me that the tests had confirmed her suspicions. I had liver cancer.

She sent me off to see a surgeon, but he reckoned that it was too complicated for him to touch and arranged for me to see to see a liver specialist down in Brisbane.

Off I went to see this character and he only confirmed my worst fears. He checked out my CAT scan and after telling me that even if I was 30 years of age he wouldn’t operate, it would be curtains for me.

The problem was where the cancer was situated smack bang at the junction between the two arteries that run into your liver and to cut it all out was an unacceptable risk.

He told me to go home and pat the cat. This was hard for me as Bev and I don’t have a cat. He also said that it would only get more aggressive and I be gone ta ta’s by Christmas.

Bev was really upset because it caused her a lot of worry. What would she do for Christmas? Should she order a large turkey for two or a smaller one? I trundled off to see my GP and she told me that she could book me into a Hospice to see my last days out as comfortable as possible.

Now I’ve always been a fighter and Bev has always been by my side we prayed and a very good friend suggested that I try some stuff called “98 Alive”. He said it was an immune system booster and might help. Hell when someone walks in with a tape measure the last thing you want to do is lay down. I would give anything a go.

After taking 4 capsules a day for a week or so another mate tracked down Professor Reynolds and he suggested that as it was a liver problem I might be better off with syrup which he had developed.

My Blood Count at this point had doubled and I was told that it would double again with each 6 weekly blood test. It went from 16 to 36 and the medical profession were expecting it to double again on my next test.

I was down in the dumps but continued to take my syrup. 4 teaspoons a day, I didn’t miss a day and bugger me dead when I took the test the count had only moved up 4 points. All the doctors were astounded. The old saying, “one galah doesn’t mean its spring.”

They said we don’t know what you’re doing or taking but don’t stop, so I didn’t and another 6 weeks passed. Came the time for another test and the results were even better the count had only gone up 1 point and some of the other cancer markers had actually dropped.

My oncologist, who isn’t renowned for being enthused about medical results as she has seen too many of her patients pass on, was extremely interested in what I had been taking.

I told her it was an immune booster called “98 Alive” and I’d been taking it for about 6 weeks. She was very interested but didn’t make any comment other than say that she would see me in another 6 weeks.

I fretted like buggery over those next 6 weeks I can tell you. The time came for another blood test. My GP had the results but didn’t say much and left that up to my specialist.

When I came into her office she was very, very interested. The markers were all over the place. The main count was only up 1 point and most of the other factors were either static or had dropped a couple of points.

This time she really took notice and quizzed me in more detail about what it was I was taking and how much. She pointed out that it was evident that I wasn’t going to kark it and I definitely be around for Christmas.

I don’t know how “98 Alive” works but I reckon that it certainly kicked my immune system along and done something that has given me more time with my loved ones.

God Bless you Professor.

Allan Niblett.

NOTE It is an interesting story because the product provides support to the autoimmune system specifically. It is not designed as a cancer cure and for that matter we have not found any processed product which does cure cancer. There are hundreds of natural cures which work on people differently in all cases. So selection can be tedious. The bottom line in this story is the flatlining of cancer indicators due to improvements in the immune system. If that patient were then to add any of the natural cures over a similar time frame the results could be even better. Remember that cancer is a cellular abnormality created by our own body environment. More discussion in members pages.